Tauhara College


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Tauharatanga describes a way of being as a school community and a sense of place where there is always an emphasis on care, on learning-focused relationships, on making the most of all opportunities, on participation, achievement and personal excellence. 

Tauhara College Vision
Excited about Learning

Tauhara College Motto
Tino ū ki tou hiranga... Committed to Excellence 

Tauhara College Mission Statement
Tauhara College will provide an education which challenges, encourages and supports students to reach their full potential through all apsects of school life. This is achieved in a caring environment where the worth, rights, responsibilities and dignity of the indivdual are fundamental. 

School Mihi
Manaaki i ngā tangata katoa
Whakaatu whakaaro atawhai i ngā wā katoa
Tiakina ngā taonga katoa ahakoa nō wai
Whakanui te mana o te kura

As a school we will respect all people
Show courtesy always
Care for our buildings and resources
And celebrate the pride we share together

Tauhara College School Values
Tauhara College has six values that are the foundation to everything that we do at school. These values ensure that we are all contributing to a making Tauhara College a caring and inclusive place to be, as well as vibrant, adventurous learning environment for all of our students and staff. 

We value Curiosity
Because we believe that future-focused learners are risk takers, problem solvers, innovators and adventurers.
We value Diversity
Because we celebrate individuals who bring their unique stories and aspirations to our school community.
We value Integrity
Because we believe that as a community honesty, responsibility and accountability are evident in all our interactions.
We value Manaakitanga
Because we believe that communication, caring and respectful relationships are inherent in everything that we do as a community of learners. 
We value Personal Growth
Because we believe in making opportunities available for everyone to become more resilient, courageous, confident, self-managing and responsible in leading their own learning. 
We value Whanaungatanga 
Because we believe in creating an environment that gives learners a sense of belonging and a sense of place based on collaborative relationships, equity, inclusiveness and respect. 

Our Waka prow symbolises how students enter Tauhara College to enthusiastically participate in the full range of learning opportunities and during their time at our school they gain a strong sense of themselves as successful learners with a vibrant future ahead of them.