Tauhara College

Tertiary Providers

Universities in the North Island

The University of Auckland
Website:  www.auckland.ac.nz
School liaison: Mereana - m.toki@auckland.ac.nz
Prospectus:  Auckland University Undergraduate prospectus

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
Website: www.aut.ac.nz
School Liaison: Adam   adam.tafau@aut.ac.nz
Prospectus:    AUT programme guide

University of Waikato
Website:  www.waikato.ac.nz
School Liaison: Maddi- Madisonr@waikato.ac.nz
Prospectus:  Waikato University Undergraduate prospectus

Massey University
Website: www.massey.ac.nz
School Liaison: Tania- t.jahnke@massey.ac.nz
Prospectus:  Massey University Undergraduate Prospectus

Victoria University of Wellington
Website:  www.victoria.ac.nz
School Liaison: Keryn- keryn.roberts@vuw.ac.nz
Prospectus:  Victoria Undergraduate Prospectus

Universities in the South Island

University of Canterbury
Website:    www.canterbury.ac.nz
School Liaison: Yafan- zhania.anindya@canterbury.ac.nz
Prospectus:  University of Canterbury undergraduate prospectus

Lincoln University
Website:   www.lincoln.ac.nz
School Liaison: Rania- Rania.alani@lincoln.ac.nz
Prospectus: Lincoln University prospectus

University of Otago
Website: www.otago.ac.nz
School Liaison: Karyn- Karyn.floyd@otago.ac.nz
Prospectus:  University of Otago prospectus

Polytechnic Institutes

There are 16 institutes of technology and polytechnics under the NZ Institute of Skills & Technology, which is currently under creation. These generally focus on providing a hands-on, practical education, offering vocational certificates and diplomas in both general and specialised areas of study.

Many of these offer undergraduate degrees, in fields such as business, computer science, IT, and science. Some even offer select postgraduate programmes, often through a partnership with a local university.

Here are our closest providers -

Website: www.wintec.ac.nz
School Liaison: Amy- amy.miller@wintec.ac.nz
Prospectus:  Wintec prospectus

Toi Ohomai
Website: www.toiohomai.ac.nz
School Liaison: Tessa  tessa.hunt@toiohomai.ac.nz (Rotorua)
School Liaison: amy.hornsey@toiohomai.ac.nz (Taupo)
Prospectus: Toi Ohomai Course guide

Toi Ohomai Construction

Toi Ohomai Creative

Toi Ohomai Services 1

Toi Ohomai Services 2

Toi Ohomai Social and Community

Toi Ohomai Manufacturing

Toi Ohomai Primary

Website: www.eit.ac.nz
School Liaison: Karnak and Joe - kheremia@eit.ac.nz, jwalding-karaitiana@eit.ac.nz
Prospectus:  EIT Prospectus

Private Training Educators (PTE)    


There are many of these, too many to list.  A PTE provides education and training and can be found all over New Zealand.  For example; Elite Beauty, Media Design School, Taratahi,  the Welding School of NZ, PIHMS, Animation College, Cut above, NZ College of Chiropractic, Yoobee, Nelson Aviation College, Hillary outdoors, NZ institute of sports, QRC,  NZ School of Tourism.

Cut above prospectus

Yoobee Course Outline

NZ welding school programmes

NZ School of Tourism courses


Elite Beauty School prospectus

Te Wananga o Aotearoa
Website: www.twoa.ac.nz

A teaching and research institution that maintains, advances and disseminates knowledge, develops intellectual independence, and assists the application of knowledge regarding āhuatanga Māori (Māori tradition) according to tikanga Māori (Māori custom).

 It doesn’t matter what tertiary provider you choose initially, you will become a lifetime learner, having always to upskill.  
Therefore, the skill is; to become adaptable and resilient to the changing world of work.