Tauhara College

Digital Technologies

Welcome to the Digital Technologies Faculty of Tauhara College.  We invite you to join us on a digital journey from Year 9 through Year 13, exploring a range of computer programs, digital equipment, programming, computer science and electronics.

The ability to be adaptable and encompass computer and digital technologies is vital in this ever changing world.  Our young people are eager to be a part of the technological age and our courses are designed to help them discover the opportunities available to them in this field.

When students join us at college they have already experienced a wide variety of computer programs and applications at previous schools and through home computer use.  We aim to provide opportunities for students to continue developing some of these skills, while introducing technological practice in order to provide ICT solutions to problems/issues, developing design techniques, upgrading skills in the Microsoft Office suite of programs, teaching key finger pathways (good old fashioned touch typing!) and the efficient use of a computer system.

Junior courses (one term at Year 9 and two terms at Year 10) are introductory and exploratory by nature and provide the basis for work at senior levels  In Year 10 some unit standard work at NCEA Level 1 is completed. 

Senior classes participate in courses which deliver assessment opportunities towards NCEA Levels 1-3, National Certificates of Computing Levels 2 and 3, National Certificate of Electronics and University Entrance, through a combination of Achievement Standards and Unit Standards.

Our journey is varied and individual.  It promotes thinking, self and time management and most importantly of all, FUN!

Subjects and Levels Taught
Digital Technologies Years 9-10
Digital Technologies - Information and Media  Years 11-13
Digital Technologies - Programming & Electronics  Years 10-13
Faculty Staff
Ms Kyra Morrissey Years 9-13

Career Pathways
Computers are used in almost every occupation available and will feature strongly in those occupations yet to be created.  Therefore, a solid grounding in basic computer skills is essential for all people.  Once learned, these skills are easily transferrable and upgradable, to any sector of the economy and to the many and varied computer programs available.

From computer technicians, computer programmers, data inputters, technologists, gaming developers, website developers... there is a field in computing which will fit every interest, learning style, individual or group worker.