Tauhara College



The English Faculty at Tauhara College provides courses that cater for the particular learning needs of all our students.  Suitable texts and learning activities are selected at all levels.  The faculty is committed to improving academic achievement for all students by offering both achievement standard and unit standard classes.  The staff aim to develop a positive culture of achievement and excellence in the classroom. 

Junior classes are take part in asTTle testing at the beginning and end of the year, the results of which are shared with students and staff.   

All lessons are based on the New Zealand curriculum.  Assessment calendars are established for all levels and are adhered to.  A variety of assessment procedures are encouraged so that students can be reported on accurately.  All students are urged to strive for excellence in all their work.

Subjects and Levels Taught
English Years 9-10
English - Achievement Standards & Unit Stds Years 11-13
Communication English Years 13
Faculty Staff
Mrs Vicki Witton Head of Faculty, English
Mr Stuart Barbour English
Miss Helen Edgecombe English, Classical Studies
Ms Polly Withington English
Mrs Pamela Carmichael English, Literacy Co-ordinator
Ms Deepika Gosai English

Special Activities

Extra experiences can be gained by students taking part in speech competitions, ICAS competitions, New Zealand Herald writing, short story competitions, school magazine and debating, to name a few.