Tauhara College


In the Mathematics Faculty at Tauhara we aim to ensure that every student has access to the level of mathematics tuition that they need to make sense of the world around them. Our programmes are tailored to meet the learning needs of our students, with every care taken to ensure that students are taught at their curriculum level and pace.

Faculty Goals

  • All students at Year 9 and 10 become multiplicative (Curriculum Level Four Advanced) as soon as possible.
  • 100 % of Year 11 students gain ten Numeracy credits required for NCEA Level 1 and UE
  • To monitor, track and plan a differentiated programme for every student that we teach.

Teaching and Learning

We provide a safe learning environment, where each student is able to learn at their own pace, with his or her own style of learning. Learning in the Mathematics faculty is supplemented by additional activities such as after one on one tuition (as requested), mathematics competitions, project work, homework and web-based resources such as Google Classroom. 

Mathematic Pathways at Tauhara College

Mathematics is compulsory up to Year 11, but encouraged beyond that if achievement is appropriate at earlier levels.  Below is a diagram of how mathematics progresses from Year 9 to Year 13

Faculty Staff

Mrs Deborah Te Rangiita

Head of Faculty Mathematics / Teacher in charge of Numeracy

Mr Ross Shaw

Mathematics / Senior Programme Overview

Mr Varghese Painuthara

Mathematics / Competition

Mr Karl Hermann


Mr Jason Butterfield


Ms Amita Ganda    


Mr Dan Piper


Mr Luke Stevens