Tauhara College


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The Music Faculty’s primary aims are to maintain excellent levels of achievement by fostering performance, providing guidance for composition and songwriting, and providing a solid grounding in the academic and historical aspects of music. Tauhara College Music has a proud musical reputation and the goal it to maintain this in years to come. The following teacher/student led musical activities operate in the Tauhara College Music Department:
  • Concert Band
  • Choir
  • Specialist Music Program
  • Saxophone Quartet
  • Workshops
  • Itinerant instrumental/vocal lessons
  • Rock Bands junior/senior
Events, festivals and groups that the music department and students are typically involved in are:
  • Rhapsody Rotorua
  • KBB Music Festival (Auckland)
  • The Big Sing
  • Vibe Fashion Show
  • School Musical
  • Smokefree Rockquest
  • Taupo Talent Quest
  • Big Music Day
  • Taupo Wind Band
The Music Faculty is well resourced with a recording studio and a lab of Apple iMac computers, instruments for student use/hire, and continual investment in the areas best suited to the strengths and ambitions of our students.