Tauhara College


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Technology empowers students to ask insightful questions, explore discipline boundaries and confronts conventional ways of thinking, while allowing students the opportunity to become innovative developers of products and systems, and to become discerning consumers who will make a difference in the world.


Subjects and Levels Taught 
Automotive Year 13
Furniture Making Years 11-13
Design and Visual Communication Years 9-13
Home Economics Years 11-12
Hospitality and Catering Years 12-13
Electronics Years 9 - 13
Faculty Staff
Mrs Kirsty Trevor Head of Faculty, Food Technology
Mr Kris Watson S.T.E.A.M.
Vaughan Tanner Automotive and Mechanical Engineering
Mr Phil Pyman DVC, Metal Technology and Wood Technology
Ms Kyra Morrissey Digital Technology and Art
Mr Ben Bisley Chef Hospitality and Industry Trainer

Career Pathways

Technology subjects all lead on to equivalent Tertiary training and NZ Certificate Qualifications in the whole range of material mediums.

There are career opportunities in trades and related trades for:

Wood, Metal, Multi Material, Automotive, Textiles and Clothing, Food and Hospitality, Graphics and Design

People working in these and related careers add value to traditional products and services and create new ones, to improve people's quality of life and help New Zealand's continuing development.