International Students

International Students

 Tauhara College is a state, co-educational secondary school.  We welcome students from Years 9 to 13.  Tauhara College has a very good reputation for hosting overseas students. It provides a high quality education and a range of enriching activities for all students. The college has a strong guidance support network, with Deans, a Career Advisor, and a Guidance Counselor. There is an International Dean to support our students. The school is strong in international exchanges, performing arts, sport, outdoor education and academic achievement.

 International students can choose to enroll at Tauhara College for different lengths of time.  Some may stay for only a few weeks and others stay for five years to complete secondary school education.  They may attempt NCEA Level 1 in Year 11, Level 2 in Year 12 and Level 3 in Year 13. University Entrance is available from Level 3. Many specialist vocational courses are also offered.   

 International students who study at Tauhara College for a year or shorter may choose not to enter for NCEA qualifications. It depends on the purpose of their visit and the requirement from their school in their home country or the tertiary institution they want to proceed to. Upon leaving Tauhara College, international students receive a Certificate of Completion and a report if they enter NCEA.

 We provide our international students academic guidance and support them to achieve their goals.  

 Subject Choice 

 International students indicate which subjects they wish to take in their application form.  Actual subjects will depend upon availability, prior learning, and their English language level.   The school reserves the right to decide subject placement and year level throughout enrolment in consultation with students and families.   

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