Learning Support

Learning Support at Tauhara College


Tauhara College has the services of a part-time Special Education Needs Coordinator or SENCo. This role is one of a pastoral care nature to support whanau of, and students with, additional learning needs.  

  • Students may be referred to the SENCo for learning, behavioural, social or emotional needs. 
  • Students are referred for SENCo support by Teachers, Deans or Heads of Faculties.  


Enquiries from parents are welcome.

Our philosophical belief is that where possible, learners are supported in an inclusive way alongside their peers in regular classrooms.

Our SENCo works with a range of supporting agencies including Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB), Learning Support – Ministry of Education, School Guidance Services, REAL Youth Services, Northern Health School and Oranga Tamariki.

Our school also accesses the services of a recently appointed Learning Support Coordinator.  The function of the LSC is to support learners who have mild to moderate learning needs.  Tracey Sainsbury is the part-time Learning Support Coordinator at Tauhara College.  She is available to work alongside students, whanau and teachers to make learning accessible.

Students requiring Special Assessment Conditions (SACs) for exams and assessment tasks are initially facilitated in consultation with the SENCo.

Applications for Special Assessment conditions can be made for students who have a recognised diagnosis of dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia.

Special assessment conditions can also be available for young people experiencing anxiety or other underlying medical conditions or diagnosis that may require additional assistance.

It is important to get such help in place during the junior years, prior to NCEA assessments and external exams from Year 11 onwards.

Special assessment conditions  can include:

  • Reader and writer assistance for internal and external assessments.
  • Extra time for examinations.
  • Computer use. 
  • Separate accommodation for examinations 
  • Separate accommodation for students experiencing anxiety. 


Our SENCo is happy to meet with whanau to share processes for accessing Special Assessment Conditions and answer any questions and address concerns you may have regarding additional learning needs for your young person.

Contact details:

SENCo: Please email Brenda Pilkinton: pb@tauhara.school.nz; 073789304 ext 885 

Faculty Staff 

SENCO: Brenda Pilkinton
Learning Support Coordinator: Tracey Sainsbury
Learning Support Coordinator: Leeanne Mason