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NZ Career Education Guidelines

The following are the NZ Career Education Guidelines for secondary schools:

  • Developing self awareness

These competencies will enable young people to understand themselves and the influences on them.  Students have a strong awareness of self; their identity, language and culture, how they relate to others and their potential for development.  They can identify their special and distinctive capabilities, and their social and cultural influences.  Students are able to consider, analyse and apply these to the lives they have and aspire to have.

  • Exploring opportunities

These competencies will enable young people to investigate opportunities in learning and work and relate them to themselves.  Students can identify the many future possibilities and opportunities available to them in life, learning and work.  They understand the role of lifelong learning and the influence of shifts in regional, national and global economies on their life, learning and work.

  • Deciding and acting

These competencies will enable young people to make and adjust their plans to manage change and transition, and to take appropriate action.  Students understand the consequences of their choices and decisions, and the impact they have on themselves and others.  They recognise the importance of creating chance opportunities to assist them in identifying all the options available so they can make informed choices about their next step when they transition from school.

  • Transitions

These competencies will enable young people to make flexible life, learning and work plans.  They have the capabilities to seek and secure opportunities and are adaptable and responsive to change.  Students can find alternatives when faced with obstacles, and have the resilience and ability to adjust as their life, learning and work environments change.

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