Tauhara College

Resources Available

Please note if you would like any of the following resources, please ask the careers team and we will email them to you.   

Curriculum Vitae  (CV)
Ideas and tips on how to create a CV

Cover Letter
Guidelines how to create a good cover letter to accompany your CV

Looking for work - ideas
Where to look for work

Cold Calling - walking the street to look for work
How do I do this?

My weekly planner
Planning the useable hours in your week wisely

10 most commonly asked interview questions
Practice the most common questions asked at an interview

Using the job advertisement to your advantage
What to look for in a job advertisement

Is online learning for me?
A  quick questionnaire to determine if on-line or distance learning is going to suit you

Year 13 Timeline
Useful timeline for Year 13s to understand how the year will be structured.

Year 13 Future Pathways Guide
An informative booklet for our Year 13 leavers.