Tauhara College

Kindara - or school KIWI


“Kia ora! My name is Kindara, and the name comes from a combination of my sponsors at Tauhara school’s name and their sister school, Kindai High School, in Japan. The snapshot of me above is when I was just five days old! Thank you so much for sponsoring me! You’ve really increased my chances of survival and I can’t wait to get back out into the New Zealand bush! Here’s a bit about me so far…”

My History as an Egg

My Dad’s name is Karaka and we are originally from the Karioi Rahui region. My egg arrived at Kiwi Encounter on the 26th of September 2014 and weighed 399.7g. On arrival my egg was slightly cracked and was repaired by the Kiwi keepers with varnish. The incubation period of a kiwi egg is 78-80 days.

My egg was 65 days old when I arrived at Kiwi Encounter. I was incubated for 14 days before I hatched.

My History as a Chick

I hatched on the 9th of October 2014 with a few minor problems, and I weighed 330g. I stayed in an incubator for two days before I was moved to a brooder. In the brooder I had the chance to stretch my legs and probe around in soil while I learnt to eat the artificial diet. Since us kiwi chicks hatch with such a large belly full of yolk, we feed off this for about a week before we need to start foraging for ourselves. We don’t need to be taught to probe for food in the ground by our parents as all our behaviour is instinctive, but usually we need some guidance to learn to eat the artificial diet!

I think I am a pretty good chick to raise! I am learning to eat the food very quickly! I was in good condition at my five day health check. I have been pretty active in my brooder so far and I am walking around well. I’m beginning to reveal my personality too – I am a very bright chick and can also be quite feisty! I am always awake and like to keep busy probing around my brooder!

Once I have learnt to eat the artificial food by myself and am growing well, I will be moved into an outdoor run where I will have lots of different burrows to choose from to sleep in during the day. But I will get the chance to forage amongst leaf litter and soil for live invertebrates.

It’s hard to tell if I am a boy or a girl at the moment, so before I am released, one of my feathers will be sent away so I can be sexed by my DNA! Once I have grown a bit more and shown to be doing well, I will be in the care of the Wairakei Creche. 

P.S.  I'm a boy!!