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Toi Ohomai Trades Academy

BOP - Toi Ohomai Trades Academy Courses                                 
(Secondary Tertiary Programmes STP) 

What is Trades Academy?

Senior students at school throughout New Zealand have opportunities to combine their school learning with experience at a Tertiary provider.  We are lucky to have a partnership with Toi Ohomai campus here in Taupo and the main campus in Rotorua. 

The programmes on offer are aligned with the vocational pathways and offer students an exciting, hands on experience at tertiary level whilst still at school.

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Benefits for the student:

  • Involves a mix of theory and practical learning – just like school
  • Develop skills and experience that employers are looking for 
  • Sample a taster of a tertiary subject without having to commit to full-time tertiary study, pay fees, whilst being under the school umbrella

Carve a clear path into further study and a higher level qualification for your future.

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Do I get NCEA credits?

Yes definitely.  You will work on unit and achievement standards depending on the programme you have chosen.  Your tutor will confirm with you the credits that are available at the beginning of the year.

Part of the criteria to pass the course successfully is to have attendance of 85% over the whole three terms.  This together with work ethic around the assessments will put you in a good position to pass your course.

Does it cost me anything?

NO,  it is free for secondary students to attend Trades Academy. 

 It also does not affect your FeeFree application for tertiary study when you do leave school, because you are still enrolled with your secondary school at the time of doing the programme.

How do I get there?

If your course is at the Taupo Campus, you will need to find your own transport to the venue.  

 If your course is in Rotorua, transportation will be provided.  But you will need to meet the transport at a prearranged time and place.        

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What about my school work?

It is your responsibility to liaise with your teachers at school to make sure you are getting the information and class work that you have missed out on.  L1 and L2 programmes run for one day and L3 for two days.  Students need to have the ability to self-manage their time and be responsible for keeping up with school work.  Study classes may be put in place to support this.

There are several programmes in each of the six vocational pathways.  More information on these opportunities are available prior to course selection time from deans and careers staff. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact Delwyn Roberts- dr@tauhara.school.nz